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Business Policies Management API Release Notes

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Version Release Date  
1.1.0 2018-05-31  
1.0.0 2012-05-02  

Version 1.1.0

Index of Changed Calls - v1.1.0

Schema Changes - v1.1.0

New Features - v1.1.0

Changed Functionality - v1.1.0

For a current list of known issues, see Site Status Updates and the Knowledge Base.

Index of Changed Calls - v1.1.0

These calls were added, modified, deprecated, or affected by documentation changes in this release. The changes are described below as well as in each call's Change History.

Changed Calls

Schema Changes - v1.1.0

Enumeration note: You need to use this release version or higher to retrieve new code list values that were added in this release. See Code Lists.

Name Part of Schema Type of Change
InternationalReturnPolicyInfo.returnsAcceptedOption Field New
InternationalReturnPolicyInfo.refundOption Field New
InternationalReturnPolicyInfo.returnsWithinOption Field New
InternationalReturnPolicyInfo.shippingCostPaidByOption Field New

New Features - v1.1.0

This section describes new features that have been added as of this release. New features can involve new calls, new capabilities, and/or new fields added to existing calls.

For logical or functional changes to existing features and calls, including code list changes, see Changed Functionality - v1.1.0.

International returns

A new internationalReturnPolicyInfo complex type was added to the returnPolicyProfile container. internationalReturnPolicyInfo has several fields that let sellers specify international return policies that differ from their domestic return policies (international returns are those that are shipped using an international shipping service).

Before this release, the single set of return policy fields represented the seller's return policies for both domestic and international returns. The preexisting return policy fields now define a seller's domestic return policy and the new international fields enable sellers to also define specific international return policies. (If a seller does not define specific international return policies, then any international returns will inherit the seller's domestic return policies).

Changed Functionality - v1.1.0

This section describes logical or functional changes that have been made to existing functionality, including new code list values and/or changes in validation rules.

This release launches a reorganization to eBay's return policies. To streamline the number of return variations, several fields were deprecated and others were added to make return policies simple to create and easy to maintain. For details on this roll out, see the Spring 2018 Seller Announcement, Simplified Returns.

Deprecated functionality

Starting with this release, sellers can no longer specify warranty information, restocking fees, or hours for extended holiday returns with their return policies. With this, the following returnPolicyProfile fields are deprecated with this release; any values supplied to these fields will neither be read nor returned:

Simplified returns

Simplified returns changes the functionality within the returnPolicyInfo container and adds a new container, internationalReturnPolicyInfo, with four new fields that mirror the fields in returnPolicyInfo. The following updates apply to the fields in both containers:


Version 1.0.0

This is the first release of the Business Policies Management API.

Index of Changed Calls - 1.0.0

This section lists calls that have changed or are new with this API release.

New Calls

The following calls are included in the initial v1.0.0 release of the Business Policies Management API:

Call Summary
addSellerProfile Creates one or more business policies.
consolidateShippingProfiles Consolidates shipping policies that have identical data with the exception of shipping costs.
getConsolidationJobStatus Retrieves the status of a shipping policies consolidation job.
getSellerProfiles Retrieves one or more business policies for a seller.
getVersion Gets the current version of the Business Policies Management API.
removeOverrides Removes shipping cost overrides for a specific shipping policy.
removeProfile Deletes an existing business policy for a seller.
removeSellerProfiles Deletes one or more existing business policies.
setSellerProfile Modifies one or more business policies.