When you list an item on eBay, you can enhance your listing by incorporating various listing features with your item listing. For example, you can bold your item title to draw attention to your item in search results. Each listing feature has an associated cost.

The response payload for AddItem and related calls include a Fees.Fee container for each eBay listing feature. As shown in the following example, each Fees.Fee container has both a Fees.Fee.Name and a Fees.Fee.Fee element, representing the name and cost of an eBay listing feature, respectively:

  <Fee currencyID="USD">2.0</Fee>

Note: eBay returns Fees.Fee containers for all available listing features, even if the corresponding feature is not used and the cost is zero. For an example, refer to the output for the AddItem Sample: Basic Call.

Important! VerifyAddItem may return details about fees and discounts that apply at the time it is called. However, there is no guarantee that any fees and discounts that are returned will apply at the time an item is listed.

The total cost of all listing features used is returned in the Fees.Fee container whose Fees.Fee.Name value is ListingFee. However, this cumulative value does not reflect the full cost of listing and selling an item on eBay, since the Final Value Fee — which is based on the sale cost of the item — and payment processing fee — which is a fixed price per order — are not calculated by eBay until a sale has occurred.

A seller's account can also include other listing fees credits, such as promotion credits, Final Value Fee credits, and Reserve Price credits. The GetAccount call can be used to retrieve all debits and credits to the seller's account for a specified period, a specified listing, or a specified order.

For additional information about listing and Final Value fees, refer to: