Requirements for creating Ticket and Experience listings include:

  • The ticket category must be the primary category when listing in two categories.
  • Some states (e.g., New York and Illinois,) have ticket resale laws requiring online platforms permitting sales of event tickets to offer full buyer protection. eBay offers full buyer protection on ticket sales to New York and Illinois events.
  • Item specifics that fully convey the logistics of the event, such as venue, seat number, date, time, etc.

    Item Specifics are a set of well-known fields that are common to — or "specific" to — all items in a particular category. For example, in the Event Tickets category, Event (e.g., Concert,) and Venue (e.g., Fillmore Theater,) would be Item Specifics. (Fields such as Event and Venue do not make sense for other categories such as books or men's clothing.)

Event ticket categories that are supported by eBay's major marketplaces include:

  • Sports Tickets [Category ID 173633]
  • Concert-Tickets [Category ID 173634]
  • Theater Tickets [Category ID 173635]
  • Theme Park and Club Passes [Category ID 170594]

To determine which item specifics are required/recommended/available for the category in which the tickets are being listed, call the getItemAspectsForCategory method of the Taxonomy API with the following query parameters properly configured:

  • category_tree_id: Pass in the Site ID for the eBay Marketplace on which the tickets are to be listed.

    For example, if listing tickets on the US marketplace, pass in a value of 0.

  • category_id: pass in the Category ID for the leaf category in which the tickets are to be listed.

    For example, when listing Theater tickets, pass in a value of 173635.

Where applicable, required/recommended Item Specifics for tickets/experiences include:

  • Venue State/Province
  • Number of Tickets
  • Venue City
  • Artist
  • Event Day
  • Section
  • Row
  • Event Year
  • Event Month
  • Venue Name
  • Team
  • Type (of sport)
  • Event Time