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The API release history

The following table lists the releases for the Media API:


Release Date

Summary of Release



Added video moderation functionality.



Initial release of the Media API.


This release of the Media API adds video moderation functionality.

After a video is uploaded using the uploadVideo method, it will undergo moderation. If the video is determined to be non-compliant (for one or more reasons) and is blocked by moderators, a new moderation container will be returned in the getVideo response. This container specifies the reason(s) why the video is blocked.

Tip: See the RejectReasonEnum type to view a complete list of reasons why a video may be blocked by moderators. Refer to Video moderation and restrictions for more information about video moderation.


This is the initial release of the Media API.

New methods:

  • createVideo – This call is used to create videos. It creates a video ID based on the metadata sent.
  • getVideo – This call is used to retrieve videos by means of the video's video ID.
  • uploadVideo – This method uploads a video based on a video source and a provided video ID.