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Published: April 05 2007, 3:13:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 3:35:42 PM

Can I reuse the same EPS images that were used on an item that has ended?

Guidelines for reusing EPS (eBay Picture Services) images

Detailed Description

EPS images can be reused indefinitely for more than 1 item.
The following 2 steps outline a typical scenario of how this is done:

1. An item is listed using EPS images either through the Sell Your Item flow on the web, or through an AddItem API call.
- The EPS image URLs used in this listing are stored by an API application.

2. The item ends, and the API application reuses the same images by including the EPS image URLs in the AddItem call before the images have expired.
- These images will automatically become associated with the newly listed item, and will have their expiration dates extended so that they do not expire before the newly listed item ends.

Step 2 can be done over and over again indefinitely.
As long as the AddItem call provides the EPS URLs, the listing will have those images associated with it.
EPS images typically expire within 3 days of the item associated with the images having ended.

How to get the EPS image URLs for an item that was listed by a different application or through the site?

The GetItem call will return the EPS image URLs used for the item in the PictureDetails.PictureURL array.
Each EPS image will be in it's own PictureURL element.
Here's an example of the PictureDetails container returned by GetItem:


Some image URLs will have a '?' followed by more data such as 'setid=7'
For example,

When reusing these images, the '?setid=7' should be sent in the AddItem call if all of the exact same images from one listing are used in the new listing.
If the new listing is mixing EPS images from more than 1 previously listed item, then do not include the '?' and whatever data follows it.

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