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Published: March 19 2007, 10:14:00 AMUpdated: August 03 2022, 5:26:56 AM

I am receiving an exception as below when sending an API request using JAVA. Here is the stack trace:

com.ebay.sdk.SdkSoapException: No trusted certificate found
at com.ebay.sdk.SdkSoapException.fromAxisFault(
at com.ebay.sdk.ApiCall.executeByApiName(
at com.ebay.sdk.ApiCall.execute(
The code was working for months. Why am I getting the exception all of the sudden?


   In general, this error occurs when a JAVA application try to open an SSL socket to a server socket that contains an expired certificate. This is an indication that an SSL certificate has expired on one of the eBay API geteway machines or on one of the Application Servers.

  If your java-based application fails connecting to API HTTPS server due to the exception, please report the error to Developer Support immediately.


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