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Published: January 08 2007, 2:32:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 3:08:07 PM

Are there any eBay API calls that return the PayPal Confirmed Address and the Buyer Notes used in the PayPal checkout flow?
Is there any indicator returned by eBay API calls (GetOrders, GetItemTransactions, GetSellerTransactions, etc) as to whether or not the shipping address is the PayPal Confirmed Address?

Detailed Description

The PayPal Confirmed Address and Buyer Notes for a PayPal transaction are not exposed by any eBay API calls.
You can get this information from the PayPal API using the GetTransactionDetails call.
Integrating with the PayPal API is relatively quick and easy to do.

You can find the complete documentation for the PayPal API here:
PayPal API Documentation

As an example, here is the format of the output of the GetTransactionDetails PayPal API call as of January, 2007 which shows where to find out whether or not the address entered by the buyer is the confirmed address:


The AddressStatus element in bold above is a CodeType that has 3 enumerations:  None, Confirmed, Unconfirmed
This is the indicator of whether or not the address for a PayPal transaction is the Confirmed Address.

Please consult the PayPal API schema and documentation for the latest information.
The XML example above is an illustration based on the PayPal API as of January, 2007.

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