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Published: November 14 2006, 3:01:00 PMUpdated: July 31 2022, 8:53:46 PM

I am able to insert "Auction" with a Starting Price and
Buy It Now Price or just a Starting Price, that works fine by default.

However, I am unable to set a "Fixed Price" insert.


     For ListingType.Chinese format listings, the allowed price types in AddItem call are:
         Item.StartPrice - the original listing price
         Item.BuyItNowPrice - allow a user to purchase the item at a fixed price
         Item.ReservePrice -the lowest price at which the seller is willing to sell the item

    For ListingType.FixedPriceItem format listings, the allowed price types in AddItem call are:
        Item.StartPrice - the constant price at which a buyer may purchase the item
       ListingDetails.MinimumBestOfferPrice - the minimum acceptable best offer price

Important Note. 

    When selling a fixed price item via eBay SYI flow, you are represented with the Buy It Now price tag in Pricing and duration section of the SYI page, however; the meaning of the tag is not the same compared with the API price properties or concepts. The price a seller entered in the Buy It Now price text field on Sell Your Item: Enter Pictures & Item Details  page for the fixed price item is actually mapped to the Item.StartPrice property.

 Additional Resources

     Document: AddItem Request

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