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Published: January 10 2019, 3:25:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 12:50:18 PM

NOTE – If you have already reviewed the steps here, please continue reading this article.


As mentioned in the “I cannot reset my eBay developer username or password” section we will not reset the eBay developer username or password manually due to the sensitive nature of the data.  You HAVE to use the automated process of the FYP flow.  If you were unsuccessful in the attempt(s) to reset your password here are some reasons as to why:


1.     You have entered an invalid username. 

a.     If this is the case, on the fyp page you will receive an error, "That email or username was not found Try again?" (please see attached image FYP username error). 


If you see the above mentioned error the username or email you are trying to reset the password for does not exist in our system. Please find the correct username or email and try again. You can also register a new account here,


2.     There are known issues with certain domains

a.     If you have registered previously using an email domain not supported by our system, you will not be able to receive communications from eBay.  We have known issues with certain types of domain and we strongly encourage you to register a new developer account.  Unfortunately we don't have a list we can publicly show at the moment.


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