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Published: December 22 2005, 1:46:00 PMUpdated: July 25 2022, 12:55:33 AM

Using Converted Price in GetItemTransactions

This article discusses some tips to be aware of when dealing with Converted Price in GetItem Transactions

When is the Converted Price Calculated?

The Converted Price is calculated in Real Time when an API call is made. Currency rates are updated on a daily basis, therefore expect the values returned in converted price tags to change from day to day.

What currency is the Shipping Cost returned in?

The shipping costs related to an item are alway returned based on the site id that the item was listed in. The site id used when making the request does not affect the currency in which the shipping costs are returned.

What currency are other amounts returned in?

Unless specified as converted currency, all amounts are returned in the local currency of the siteid in which the item was listed.

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