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Published: April 22 2015, 11:46:00 PMUpdated: July 26 2022, 6:06:28 AM

How do I know when a new version of the eBay API is released?

eBay Code Release Schedule:
eBay API code releases are made every two weeks. The versions use odd-numbers, such as 437, 439, etc. The release process starts on the Monday of the release week, but sometimes takes up to Wednesday to complete. During the beginning of the release week, it is possible that API requests will be served by two different code versions. When we talk about a particular version release, we almost always refer to the date on which it will release to the 'core' or 'US' site. Releases to the international API server pools ( and website ) happen 3 weeks after the core rollout. International covers all sites other than US and US Motors ( Site 0 and 100 ).

Information in the API Response
The <Version> and <Build> tags of the XML and SOAP response will always tell you the code verison of the machine that served your request. This is a great place to look if you happen to see different behavior in the API all of a sudden. If you do see a problem, always note the version in the response so that we can track down and reproduce the problem.

Release Notes:
Release Notes at are the quickest way to see what has changed in a particular release.
The release notes, along with documentation for the latest version are always updated on the Friday of the 'core' release week.

Documentation updates for new API versions are always released on the friday of the core release week. You can always see the latest documentation at the eBay Developer Documentation Center located at

Compatibility Levels:
Although eBay release new API versions every two weeks, we use compatibility levels to ensure that new releases will not break applications built on prior code versions. Make sure that you adhere to the minimum compatibility level requirements to assure that your application will not be affected by newer code versions. More documentation on compatibility levels can be found at:

Sandbox Release Schedule:
Code is released to the sandbox after it is successfully rolled to production. eBay API code is generally released to the sandbox immediately after the production rollout. That is, generally by wednesday of the release week. eBay site code is released to the sandbox one week after the production site code rollout. That is, generally by wednesday of the week after the release week. Just like production, the international version of the eBay API and site code are released to the sandbox approximately 3 weeks after the 'core' release is made.

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