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Published: November 30 2005, 1:00:00 AMUpdated: July 25 2022, 9:40:03 AM

Guidelines for using DetailLevel and GranularityLevel in GetSellerList

The Unified GetSellerList call has a number input combinations relating to data returned.
The fields that control the amount of data returned are DetailLevel and GranularityLevel
This is meant as a simple, high level guide to what kind of data to expect back when using these 2 fields.

The lowest data "detail level" is having neither DetailLevel nor GranularityLevel specified in the input. This basically results in an ItemID, start and end dates and a series of fields about the seller. Since this can return up to 5000 entries, it is basicly a list of ItemIDs that are, or have been offered for sale (depending on the time filters used), but with absolutely no detail related to the items (the what and where of the items).

1. First the GranularityLevel value of "Coarse". This contains enough item details to know things about the individual auction, like Title, CurrentPrice, BidCount and ListingStatus. No HighBidder data is provided at this GranularityLevel.

2. Moving on to the GranularityLevel value of "Medium". This adds a small amount of item detail to the output, namely the ReservePrice.

3. Moving on to the GranularityLevel value of "Fine". The amount of Item detail just about doubles from that of the data returned by "Medium", including HighBidder information and Shipping Details. This is the lowest level in which the high bidder can be identified.

"ItemReturnDescription" returns the same information as "ReturnAll" plus the Description. "ReturnAll" is very nearly the same output set as that of the GranularityLevel value of "Fine"

Simple Conclusions:
1. The no Detaillevel/Granularitylevel will only return a list of ItemIDs with start/end times.

2. Coarse and Medium GranularityLevel returns nearly the same data. Both return the auction SellingStatus to determine sold/not sold and amounts.

3. Fine GranularityLevel is required to return HighBidder information such as UserID.

4. A DetailLevel of "ItemReturnDescription" must be specified (and GranularityLevel not specified) to return the Item Description.

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