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Published: September 23 2013, 2:28:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 11:21:56 PM

How do I find out if my item/listing is listed using eBay's catalog data (product details)?


Will show you how to see if your item is listed using eBay's catalog data both using the API and the UI

Detailed Description

1.  Using the API

a.  Make a GetItem API request and make sure the ProductListingDetails are in the response, If you added product infromation in your add item request and the product IS in the eBay catalog, the ProductListingDetails will be present.

2.  Using the UI

a.  Go to the view item page and look for the "Detailed item information" box along with much more information.  If you listed your item using eBay catalog data, AND you didn't mark IncludePrefilledItemInformation as false, you will notice your listing contains more information than what you specified in your request.

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