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Published: July 19 2013, 4:01:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 11:19:42 PM

How come when I update the shipping address the changes don't reflect in GetOrders or the SoldReport?


Why the shipping address doesn't update within GetOrders and the SoldReport

Detailed Description

After an order has been completed, the seller can "update" the shipping address in 2 ways,

1.  Using the UI on

2.  Using the ReviseSellingManagerSaleRecord API,

These options are only available to Selling Manager Pro subscribers.  And as the seller, if you update the shipping address for the buyer, these changes only update the Selling Manager Pro database.  Selling Manager has its own copy of shipping address, which is originally copied from the checkout shipping address. If a seller updates the address in Edit Sales Record page, or ReviseSellingManagerSaleRecord API, it only updates this shipping address in Selling Manager Pro. It does not update the original checkout shipping address where both the SoldReport and GetOrders get their information.

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