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Published: July 03 2013, 2:36:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 11:15:10 PM

   This article illustrates the use of Netbeans IDE with the eBay SDK for Java.

   You must have joined eBay Developer Program  and obtained your user token in order to run the sample application below.

 Detailed Description


  1. eBay Trading SDK for Java
  2. JDK 1.5 or above
  3. NetBeans

  Steps to use NetBeans with the eBay SDK for Java:

  1. Start NetBeans
  2. Create a Standalone Java  Project:
    •  On the File menu, click New Project : File -> New Project :  select Category-> Java  and  Project ->Java Application in the New Project popup box and click the Next button.
    • In the New Java Application popup box:
      •   enter "SDK Test" in Project Name field and put appropriate values in the Project Location and Project Folder text fields
      •   client Finish button
  3. Add the following libraries to the newly created project's classpath (Properties -> Libraries -> Add JAR/Folder as shown in below ):
    • SDK libraries: ebaysdkcore.jar, ebaycalls.jar, helper.jar and attributes.jar in {JavaSDK}\lib\
    • JAXWS-RI and other libraries: all jars in {JavaSDK}\lib\externalLib\, not including jars in optional sub-folder. 


    4.  a) Add the HelloWorld java source file:  {JavaSDK}\samples\helloWorld\src\main\java\helloworld\ into the NetBeans project.

  • Go to the {JavaSDK}\samples\helloWorld\src\main\java directory, copy the java source folder helloworld and paste it to the Source Pacakge node under the newly created NetBeans project.

          b)  Or copy the main method from and paste it over to the new project's automatically-generated main method

   5. Run the file via NetBeans


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