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Published: May 20 2013, 4:00:00 PMUpdated: August 26 2022, 1:51:32 PM

I am getting the following warning while trying to list. Why ?


<ShortMessage>The <ShippingDetails> information you've provided is outdated and will be ignored.</ShortMessage>

<LongMessage>The <ShippingDetails> information you've provided is outdated and will be ignored.</LongMessage>







One of the reaon you may be getting this warning is because you may be using a combination of  legacy field and business policies fields in the same request.

For example : If your request looks something like this :







<Description> nothing </Description>













In the above request, for the shipping details, ShippingProfile is being specified while for ReturnPolicy and Payment Methods, the request still have the classic tags.

In order to avoid this warning, you need to either have ReturnPolicyProfile and PaymentPolicyProfile with ShippingProfile mentioned in the request or replace SellerShippingProfile with ShippingDetails tag.



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