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Published: March 29 2013, 3:04:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 11:15:32 PM

How can I see the "notes" when using GetSellingManagerSaleRecord?


How to use and see the notes in for SellingManagerPro 

Detailed Description

The GetSellingManagerSaleRecord actually will only give back notes that are saved from within Selling Manager Pro.  So if you are in the seller account, and you click on the sale record number.  You will see there is a "Notes to Buyer" and "Miscellaneous notes".  Those will show in the GetSellingManagerSaleRecord response as NotesToBuyer and NotesToSeller respectively. 



Any notes you "add" from the My eBay page by clicking "More actions > Add note" will not show as selling manager notes. 

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