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Published: March 07 2013, 11:05:00 AMUpdated: November 28 2020, 11:13:08 PM

I am working implementing a bulk importing inventory in ebay. When I googled about bulk import section, someone suggested me to try File Exchange Tool. But is asks to login using active seller account. Is it possible to access File Exchange Tool using ebay sandbox account ?

In regard to File Exchange on the eBay site, you can use the VerifyAdd Action to test files without sending them to eBay as active listings. VerifyAdd tests your file format and listings for errors before you upload them to eBay. It checks each record on the file and reports fee amounts and error warnings, if any. Using VerifyAdd is very similar to using the Add function, except that you enter VerifyAdd in the Action column.

When you're ready, you can select the Add function -- using the same values that you entered in the VerifyAdd file -- confident that they're correct and your items will be listed without errors.

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