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Published: February 26 2013, 3:50:00 PMUpdated: August 29 2022, 10:29:04 AM

How can I use a "fake" tracking number in CompleteSale?


How to enter an generic tracking number using CompleteSale

Detailed Description

When using CompleteSale, and trying to input ShipmentTrackingNumber and ShippingCarrierUsed. 

- The format of the tracking number must be consistent with the format used by the specified shipping carrier (ShippingCarrierUsed).

- The tracking number also needs to be unique.  So it can't be used again by the same seller.

- Commonly used shipping carriers can be found by calling GeteBayDetails with DetailName set to ShippingCarrierDetails and examining the returned ShippingCarrierCodeTypes.

If you do not have a valid tracking number, because not all carriers assign tracking numbers, or if you just need to enter in a generic tracking number, please follow these steps,

1.  Check ShippingCarrierCodeType, under the CompeteSale API for the Shipment.ShipmentTrackingDetails.ShippingCarrierUsed input, and try to find an "Other" value.  (US site is "Other", other sites might have a different value).

2.  Use the "Other" value as the carrier.

3.  Use a generic value and be sure it is unique for the tracking number.  A good practice would be to use the OrderID as the tracking number since the OrderID will always be unique.

Here is an example of how to upload generic tracking information,

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<CompleteSaleRequest xmlns="urn:ebay:apis:eBLBaseComponents">

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