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Published: January 17 2013, 5:35:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 10:46:13 PM

I am listing item on Canada site but CanadaPost rates not appearing on certain items and shipping calculator throws error -"Shipping cannot be calculated for your area. You can contact the seller for additional shipping costs and services." Why ?

The issue could be with dimensions.

Please see the minimum weight / dimension limits for various packages published by Canada post below. 

If your item has an incorrect dimension i.e if does not meet the minimum weight/dimension limit expected by Canada Post , probably that is one of the main reason , you don't see rates being returned on the Viewitem page on eBay site. (E.g., Length has to have a minimum of 10 cm but if your item has 8 cm, it will not show up on eBay).

We go by what has been officially published by Canada post and so View Item page on eBay site doesn't display the shipping rates if the weight/dimension limit is not met.

Please change the dimension to match with Canada post requirements and it should work.

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