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Published: December 06 2012, 5:43:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 10:44:22 PM

Why does FindPopularSearches API call returns only 5 keywords for keyword based searches?

Recently, eBay changed the FindPopularSearches API :.

The API returns upto 10 keywords( both in Recommended Searches and the Alternative Serach containers) for keyword based searches and upto 100 keywords for Category based searches.
eBay has actually significantly expanded related searches on the site. The related search recommendations have increased.
Hence, it is covering a lot more queries than ever before and not reduced the data we provides,but significantly expanded it and changed the mix to improve coverage.

A good workaround for the keyword based search applications would be to use the
findItemsByKeywords and FindPopularSearches in conjunction.

 1.  First make the findItemsByKeywords API call.

Eg: Keywords: harry potter phoenix<YOUR_APP_NAME>&

findItemsByKeywordsResponse xmlns="">
<categoryName>Video Games</categoryName>

 2.  Now grab the Category ID from the findItemsByKeywords response and make FindPopularSearches API call supplying this category ID in the request.

We suggest that you also use the values returned for the AlternativeSearches in the response.

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