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Published: December 03 2012, 3:58:00 PMUpdated: August 24 2022, 9:04:09 PM

I am able to submit listings with calculated rates for USPS and UPS.  When I try to post for fedex i get the following error (for all services - not just fedex 2day). 

Shipping service FedEx 2Day(65) is not availables

I have verified that my sandbox and production account are eligible for Fedex, by using the GeteBayDetails() call and filtering by ValidForSellingFlow field. here are the eligible fields:


Why is this happening?

Not all shipping services can be used for Calculated shipping. FedEx2Day is one of those that can't be used. In addition to checking the ValidForSellingFlow field you also need to look at the ServiceType field to see if it contains the value "Calculated"

<ServiceType>Calculated</ServiceType>. Any service that contains this value can be used for Calculated Shipping.

For example if you take Fedex Ground You dont find that this is eligible for Calculated shipping:

  <Description>FedEx Ground</Description>
- <ShippingServicePackageDetails>


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