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Published: October 22 2012, 12:52:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 10:42:17 PM

I have many test listings on MIP Sandbox. I would like to cleanup all my eBay listings listed using MIP to do a clean start. How can I do this?

MIP uses an Intermediate Database to save product information to make it simple/ faster for the sellers to list/update their listings on eBay. However the Sellers might want to clear their listign data on MIP, and clear all the eBay listings as they want to reuse their SKUs with a fresh start.

Ther just to steps to acheive this:

* Make sure you ended all your listings on eBay.

* Please reach out to Developer Technical support to request a Purge of all the MIP data with the Sandbox User ID.

Once the listings are ended completely, It would be a matter of minutes on our end to purge the MIP data.

Then you can start listing new items on eBay using MIP, with your same old SKUs.

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