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Published: October 22 2012, 12:44:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 10:42:04 PM

A few orders are showing OrderTotal = sum of the individual order amounts, However all these line items have different order Ids. Shouldnt these have combined orderIds once the orders are combined?

LMS is an asynchronous job model. This might result in a few edge cases, which can be avoided very easily. Current issue I question is one of them.

Once you receive the orders in the SoldReport , there might be Orders that were updated/ being updated during the process of SoldReport creation.

For example, consider the scenario below,

The Sold report Job started at 9:00 am and runs until 9:04 am. However if there are multiple OrderLieItems that have a PaymentClearedTime and were combined into a single order in this time window, say at - 09:01 am , It is an expected behavior that all the Combined order information might not be painted completely on the OrderLineItems.So it is always a good practice to  to not to acknowledge the orders if their payment cleared time falls in the SoldReport Processing window. Usually sold report takes maximum of 5 minutes to be processed, So it would be a good idea to not to acknowledge any orders whose PaymentClearedTime falls in the time window from the start of the SoldReport processing until 5 minutes.

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