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Published: August 24 2012, 4:34:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 10:36:41 PM


Why your .NET Finding/Shopping request may be failing

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When using the standard SOAP example for making a Finding API call,

Answer Title: Finding API - C#.NET code sample to call Finding API using .NET framework 4.
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You may run into this error when you get a failed response, or you may not be seeing the results you expect.  Please ensure you have set any classes used that have "specified" boolean flags to true.  For example,

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request.paginationInput = new PaginationInput();

request.paginationInput.entriesPerPageSpecified = true;

request.sortOrder = SortOrderType.PricePlusShippingLowest;

request.sortOrderSpecified = true;

HalfFindingServiceReference.ProductIDType productID = new HalfFindingServiceReference.ProductIDType();

productID.typeSpecified = true;

productID.type = HalfFindingServiceReference.ProductIDCodeType.ISBN;




Here are some issues or errors you may see (just a few examples, there are many more),

1. This is an error you may see for not specifying the product type,

"The product identifuer type provided is not valid. The supported types are ISBN, UPC, MPN, REFERENCE."

2. If you don't set request.paginationInput.pageNumberSpecified = true;

            You will always return the results for page 1

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