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Published: July 18 2012, 10:23:00 AMUpdated: August 23 2022, 5:37:27 AM

How can I get the WatchCount of an item?


How to retrieve the watch count of an item

Detailed Description

There are a few ways and a few calls to retrieive the watch count of an item.

1.  GetItem - when making a GetItem request, be sure to include IncludeWatchCount and set it to true.  This will return the WatchCount in the response.

2.  GetMyeBaySelling - this will get the watch count of items and variations.

3.  GetMyeBayBuying - this will get a list of items you are watching.  Be sure to include <WatchList>.  Once you have this list you can also see how many other users are watching the item.

*NOTE - buyers can add and delete items from their watch list.  So the WatchCount may change.  For example, if I am watching an item, and a seller was to inquire about the WatchCount and gets back a "1".  If I then delete that item from my watch list, when the seller inquires again he will see a "0".




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