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Published: December 26 2018, 12:05:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 10:33:34 PM

Why can't I add variations using the ReviseFixedPriceItem or ReviseItem API?


How to revise Selling Manager Pro item variations and SKU's

Detailed Description

Normally for an item you can just use any of our revise item API's, and you can revise almost anything for an item.  BUT, when using Selling Manager Pro, specifically templates or multi variations items, revising the item works a bit differently.  

You can still use the revise API's for certain revisions but in order to revise SKU or variations, you must first modify the MSKU product's variations. This can be done by either the SMP UI or by ReviseSellingManagerProduct API.  After you have added the SKU or variation information, you can then modify them within a revise item API (only revise, not add or delete)

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