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Published: June 28 2012, 12:41:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 10:33:20 PM

MIP:  How to upload images to eBay

Starting June 2012 MIP supports Image feeds.

  • Suppport for  EPS - Ebay picture services. Sellers can now use EPS for uploading their pictures instead of self hosted pictures. Due to the fact that images reside on eBay servers, Most of the problems with images will be solved.
  • Support for Multiple Images - Enables merchants to use multiple images for a single product.

The MIP store includes a new feed file just for images. All the sellers can find the image feed folder in /store/image in your sftp.

Allows uploading upto 12 images. The Admin App console now supports uploading image feed files.

Configuring Image feed scripts
To display multiple images for a product, use the following example code string to call the image

CSV Example: IMAGE_SERVICE.addAllToSku(IMAGE_INRECORD.SKU, mainPictures);

XML Example: IMAGE_SERVICE.addAllToSku(IMAGE_INRECORD.SKU.toString(), mainPictures);

Important: You need to upload the image feed file after you upload the correlated product feed
file. So the usual flow would be Product Feed > Image Feed > Inventory Feed

For more information, refer to the transformer configuration and image feed sample files.

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