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Published: April 22 2015, 3:27:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 10:27:17 PM

I am eligible to list an item as STP, but still unable to list it. What is the reason ?


One of the reasons you are not able to see the STP functionlity even though you are eligible for STP is because you might not be using the STP-specific tags in the request (DiscountPriceInfo container tag)

Here are few things you can cross-check in your request :

1. Make sure StartPrice in your request is less than OriginalRetailPrice.
2. For STP, <DiscountPriceInfo> conatiner should be used.
3.If you are listing variations (MSKU items), use Variation.DiscountPriceInfo for each variation. otherwise DiscountPriceInfo wll be ignored and you will not see STP listing .
4. Do not use <DiscountedItem>true</DiscountedItem> unless you are specifically eligible to use this tag.

 Here is an example with a snippet that should be included in api call to have STP :
<StartPrice currencyID="USD">149.99</CurrentPrice>
   <OriginalRetailPrice currencyID="USD">159.99</OriginalRetailPrice>

Note : You cannot offer both STP and MAP in one call i.e some variation have STP and other having MAP is not allowed. You can only have either STP in all variations or MAP, not both.

Here is the link for AddFixedPriceItem api (please search for DiscountPriceInfo container tag) -

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