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Published: April 27 2012, 4:32:00 PMUpdated: August 23 2022, 4:44:45 AM

I am trying to submit shipment info to ebay (with this url as reference :

 but ebay always rejects my request with "SetShipmentTrackingInfo : invalid or not supported in this release" message in the response. What did I do wrong?


There are a couple of reasons why you would get this error:

1. The Call request does not exist
2. Request is made with required HTTP headers missing.

Please refer to this KB article for detailed information  :

SetShipmentTrackingInfo is a call in the eBay Merchant Data API for LMS users (Refer to which is not available in Trading API. Use the CompleteSale call mark an item as shipped. You can also upload a shipment tracking number so that the buyer can track the order.
Please see this KB article for more information on Adding/Updating Shipment Tracking Details using CompleteSale :


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