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Published: April 06 2012, 2:02:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 10:25:40 PM

Why is eBay requiring valid tracking numbers for Top-rated sellers?


Key points of why eBay modified the selling policies

Detailed Description

  • eBay has received very clear feedback from buyers that they like to know their item has shipped quickly, and tracking has become an ecommerce standard. It also helps protect sellers from Item Not Received Claims. For these reasons, eBay has added the tracking uploaded requirement to the eBay Top-rated seller criteria.
  • We recommend that you evaluate the increased sale benefit that you would get from the Top-rated seller rewards and compare that with the increased cost for mailing your items with a trackable service. Then use whichever benefits your business the most. If paying the extra cost on shipping in order to maintain Top rated seller status outweighs the benefit you'd see from the Top-rated seller rewards, then continue with your current shipping practices. If the Top-rated seller rewards are a bigger benefit, then it is worth it to change some of your shipping practices to begin tracking.
  • We encourage sellers interested in using tracking to explore eBay labels. First Class Mail - Package/Thick envelope service is available and delivery confirmation is now free for this service. Tracking is automatically uploaded to eBay.
  • Here are links for more information.

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