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Published: November 23 2011, 12:57:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 10:08:29 PM

How do i specify multiple shipping locations for a single shipping service in MIP Shipping Policy? I keep getting the error below,

I have enabled the international shipping file in my Config-Spec, but I am getting errors when trying to list.

<Message>All locations provided for postage service "50301" are not allowable for this site.</Message>


If you want to specify multiple Shipping locations for a single Shipping service , for example - Service #1  will ship to Austria,Germany and France

You have to avoid specifying multiple locations in a comma seperated format like below:

Below is a Wrong declaration of the International Shipping Policy Json.

     "Policy Type": "International Shipping",
     "Policy Name": "IntlShipping Default",
     "Shipping Type": "Flat",
     "Shipping Service #1": "UK_SellersStandardInternationalRate",
     "Shipping Service #1 - Cost": "19.99",
     "Shipping Service #1 - Cost Per Additional Item": "4.00",
     "Shipping Service #1 - Shipping Location #1": "AT","DE","FR" /*This is wrong*/
     "Shipping Discount Profile ID": "159300025",
     "Apply Promotional Shipping Rule": "false"

 However, looking at your snippet has me thinking - would this be the correct syntax for the first shipping service:
"Shipping Service #1 - Shipping Location #1": "AT",
"Shipping Service #1 - Shipping Location #2": "DE",
"Shipping Service #1 - Shipping Location #3": "FR",

So, you have to keeping the Shipping Service as #1 but increment the number after the location.


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