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Published: November 11 2011, 4:39:00 PMUpdated: August 22 2022, 3:12:52 AM

ExcludeLocations is not working for some users in the sandbox, what setting allows sellers to exclude ship to locations on their listings?

When listing items with Add Item family of API calls, the optional Item.ShipToLocations field lets you specify the countries and regions to where you will ship items. An alternate method is to list the regions and countries you will not ship to by using the ExcludeShipToLocation field.

Pass either ShippingLocationDetails or ExcludeShippingLocationDetails as an argument to DetailName in a call to GeteBayDetails to receive the locations that you can specify as places to where you will ship, and the locations you can specify as places where you will not ship, respectively.

If a buyer's primary ship-to location is a location that you have listed as an excluded ship-to location (or if the buyer does not have a primary ship-to location), they will receive an error message if they attempt to buy or place a bid on your item.

The ShipToLocations and ExcludeShipToLocation fields work together. You can list a region (such as "Africa") in the ShipToLocations field, then exclude specific countries (such as "Chad") within that region with ExcludeShipToLocation fields. In addition, if your ShipToLocations is Worldwide, you can specify regions and countries that you wish to exclude from your shipping destinations with ExcludeShipToLocation.

You can use the Exclude shippping locations page in My eBay Shipping Preferences to set up a default set of locations where you will not ship items. Once set up, your excluded shipping locations will be set for all future listings, and if the Apply to all current live listings option is selected, all current listings. If you want to override the default list for a particular item, you can do so using the ShipToLocations and/or ExcludeShipToLocation fields as needed.

In order to enable the exclude ship to locations please make sure the option is set to true:

- Buyer Requirements within the Site Preferences, there is an option that says:
"Block buyers who:
Have a primary shipping address in a location I don't ship to"

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