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Published: November 04 2011, 4:41:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 10:06:57 PM

What are some good tuning tips when using LMS?


Some tips and best practices for LMS

Detailed Description

These tips are geared toward .NET applications, but the concept is the same for all platforms.

1.     To up the timeouts:
In your ProjectName.exe.cinfig file (in your bin > Debug or bin > Release folder), you should have the following element,

<binding name="FileTransferServiceSOAPBinding">

There may be more element content, but you should at least have the minimum above.  You want to add the following timeout content:

<binding name="FileTransferServiceSOAPBinding" closeTimeout="00:10:10" openTimeout="00:10:10" receiveTimeout="00:10:10" sendTimeout="00:10:10">

*  If you don't have the binding element in your config file, can you look for the System.ServiceModel in your References

2.     How to handle retries when receiving an exception or failed file transfer attempt

When adding items using LMS, once you have created a job you will receive a JobID.  From there you can monitor the state of the job.  If for any reason the job fails, or you receive an exception.  Best practice is to ABORT that job and create a new job using the same file or an updated file.  The reason for this is in creating a new job you most likely will hit a new server and have a better chance for success on the new job.  (Often times merchants will get a failed job and just retry, do NOT do this.)

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