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Published: September 01 2011, 8:37:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 10:00:21 PM

  Detailed Description

 WorldWide search is now suppored in  Finding API. You can use LocatedIn filter with value set to “WorldWide” to find items, regardless of their Location:


  There are three new filter values for LocatedIn: “WorldWide”, “North America”, and “European”, apply to LocatedIn only. Note the casing for WorldWide and the space in North America.

The value "European" works only if the GLOBAL-ID value corresponds to a European eBay site (e.g., EBAY-FR, EBAY-DE, EBAY-GB, EBAY-AT, ...). For example, won’t work for eBay US (EBAY-US) or eBay Australia (EBAY-AU).

  Here are sample requests:
        Without filter (316 total entries) APPID&keywords=canon+60d+slr

     With filter (406 total entries, includes added locations)
The following request returned items from all the locations as the non-filtered request, and also item from Malaysia and United Kingdom. APPID&keywords=canon+60d+slr&

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