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Published: August 18 2011, 4:31:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 9:58:40 PM

When enter a MPN in the ExternalProductID field, I recieve the error,

          <ShortMessage>Input data is invalid.</ShortMessage>
          <LongMessage>Input data for tag &lt;ExternalProductIdentifierType&gt;
               is invalid or missing. Please check API documentation.</LongMessage>
          <ErrorParameters ParamID="0">


Why am I getting this?


The reason why you are getting the error Input data is Invalid, is because this field has been replace with ProductListingDetails.  Do not use MPN in the ExternalProductID container of AddItem, use the BrandMPN container in ProductListingDetails instead.

Detailed Description


For BrandMPN, the recommended method is to use the BrandMPN container instead of ExternalProductID.   The ExternalProductID field will be deprecated soon or already have been deprecated, so definitely do not use it anymore.

Here is the details on BrandMPN

For example, instead of using:


Use this instead:


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