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Published: July 13 2011, 6:00:00 AMUpdated: November 28 2020, 9:56:50 PM

Here is a list of KB articles that you can refer when developing a Trading API application for AU merchants. All the samples have been written using the .NET SDK.


1.  Basic listing sample  C#  VB.NET
2.  Listing with Item Specifics  C#  VB.NET
3.  Listing multi-variation items  C#  VB.NET
4a.  Listing using product identifier  C#   VB.NET
4b.  Listing using ePID  C#   VB.NET
5.  Revising price and/or quantity   C#  VB.NET
6.  Revising listing - Basic  C#  VB.NET
7.  Revising listing - Removing Sub-title  C#  VB.NET
8.  Revising listing's item specifics  C#  VB.NET
9.  Revising multi-variation item (Adding and Deleting variation)  C#  VB.NET
10.  End Listing  C#  VB.NET
11.  Relisting item - Basic  C#  VB.NET
12.  Relisting item - Delete SubTitle and update Title   C#  VB.NET
13.  Relisting item (Adding and Deleting Variation)   C#  VB.NET


1.  Retrieving Sales Orders  C#  VB.NET
2.  Providing Shipment Information  C# VB.NET


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