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Published: July 13 2011, 5:38:00 AMUpdated: November 28 2020, 9:56:16 PM

This sample demonstrates how to go about Sales order processing using GetOrders with order creation time filter described in the KB Order management using Trading API - GetOrders. The sample has been written in VB.NET using .NET SDK.

Below is the code. Corresponding GetOrders SOAP request is attached with this article.

 Imports eBay.Service.Call
Imports eBay.Service.Core.Sdk
Imports eBay.Service.Util
Imports eBay.Service.Core.Soap

Namespace Trading_Samples
     Public Class OrderManagement
          Private Sub GetOrders()
               'create the context
               Dim context As New ApiContext()

               'set the User token
               context.ApiCredential.eBayToken = "Your token"

               'set the server url
               context.SoapApiServerUrl = ""

               'enable logging
               context.ApiLogManager = New ApiLogManager()
               context.ApiLogManager.ApiLoggerList.Add(New FileLogger("log.txt", True, True, True))
               context.ApiLogManager.EnableLogging = True

               'set the version
               context.Version = "727"
               context.Site = SiteCodeType.Australia
               Dim blnHasMore As Boolean = True

               Dim CreateTimeFromPrev As DateTime, CreateTimeFrom As DateTime, CreateTimeTo As DateTime

               Dim getOrders__1 As New GetOrdersCall(context)
               getOrders__1.DetailLevelList = New DetailLevelCodeTypeCollection()

               'CreateTimeTo set to the current time
               CreateTimeTo = DateTime.Now.ToUniversalTime()

               'Assumption call is made every 15 sec. So CreateTimeFrom of last call was 15 mins
               'prior to now
               Dim ts1 As New TimeSpan(9000000000L)
               CreateTimeFromPrev = CreateTimeTo.Subtract(ts1)

               'Set the CreateTimeFrom the last time you made the call minus 2 minutes
               Dim ts2 As New TimeSpan(1200000000)
               CreateTimeFrom = CreateTimeFromPrev.Subtract(ts2)

               getOrders__1.CreateTimeFrom = CreateTimeFrom
               getOrders__1.CreateTimeTo = CreateTimeTo


               If getOrders__1.ApiResponse.Ack <> AckCodeType.Failure Then
                    'Check if any orders are returned
                    If getOrders__1.ApiResponse.OrderArray.Count <> 0 Then
                         For Each order As OrderType In getOrders__1.ApiResponse.OrderArray
                              'Update your system with the order information.
                              Console.WriteLine("Order Number: " + order.OrderID)
                              Console.WriteLine("OrderStatus: " + order.OrderStatus)
                              Console.WriteLine("Order Created On: " + order.CreatedTime)

                              'Get Order Details
                              Dim orderTrans As TransactionTypeCollection = order.TransactionArray

                              'Order could be comprised of one or more items
                              For Each transaction As TransactionType In orderTrans
                                   Console.WriteLine((("Order for: " + transaction.Item.ItemID & ", ") + transaction.Item.SKU & ", ") + transaction.Item.Title)

                                   'If you are listing variation items, you will need to retrieve the variation
                                   'details as chosen by the buyer
                                   If transaction.Variation.SKU IsNot Nothing Then
                                        Console.WriteLine("Variation: " + transaction.Variation.SKU)
                                   End If
                                   Console.WriteLine("OrderLineItemID: " + transaction.OrderLineItemID)
                                   Console.WriteLine("Qty Purchased: " + transaction.QuantityPurchased)

                                   Console.WriteLine(("Buyer Info: " + order.BuyerUserID & ", ") + transaction.Buyer.Email)

                              If order.CheckoutStatus.Status = CompleteStatusCodeType.Complete Then
                                   'Get Payment Details
                                   Console.WriteLine("Order Adjustment Amount: " + order.AdjustmentAmount.Value)
                                   Console.WriteLine("Order Amount Paid: " + order.AmountPaid.Value)
                                   Console.WriteLine("Payment Method: " + order.CheckoutStatus.PaymentMethod)

                                   Dim extTrans As ExternalTransactionTypeCollection = order.ExternalTransaction

                                   For Each extTran As ExternalTransactionType In extTrans
                                        Console.WriteLine("External TransactionID: " + extTran.ExternalTransactionID)
                                        Console.WriteLine("External Transaction Time: " + extTran.ExternalTransactionTime)
                                        Console.WriteLine("Payment/Refund Amount: " + extTran.PaymentOrRefundAmount.Value)

                                   'Get shipping information
                                   Dim shipping As ShippingServiceOptionsType
                                   shipping = order.ShippingServiceSelected

                                   Console.WriteLine("Shipping Service Selected: " + order.ShippingServiceSelected.ShippingService)

                                   'Get Shipping Address - Address subject to change if the buyer has not completed checkout                      
                                   Dim address As AddressType = order.ShippingAddress

                                   Dim sAdd As New StringBuilder()
                                   sAdd = sAdd.Append(address.Name)
                                   If address.Street IsNot Nothing AndAlso address.Street <> "" Then
                                        sAdd.Append(", " + address.Street)
                                   End If
                                   If address.Street1 IsNot Nothing AndAlso address.Street1 <> "" Then
                                        sAdd.Append(", " + address.Street1)
                                   End If
                                   If address.Street2 IsNot Nothing AndAlso address.Street2 <> "" Then
                                        sAdd.Append(", " + address.Street2)
                                   End If
                                   If address.CityName IsNot Nothing AndAlso address.CityName <> "" Then
                                        sAdd.Append(", " + address.CityName)
                                   End If
                                   If address.StateOrProvince IsNot Nothing AndAlso address.StateOrProvince <> "" Then
                                        sAdd.Append(", " + address.StateOrProvince)
                                   End If
                                   If address.PostalCode IsNot Nothing AndAlso address.PostalCode <> "" Then
                                        sAdd.Append(", " + address.PostalCode)
                                   End If
                                   If address.CountryName IsNot Nothing AndAlso address.CountryName <> "" Then
                                        sAdd.Append(", " + address.CountryName)
                                   End If
                                   If address.Phone IsNot Nothing AndAlso address.Phone <> "" Then
                                        sAdd.Append(": Phone" + address.Phone)
                                   End If

                                   Console.WriteLine("Shipping Address: " & sAdd)

                                   Dim salesTax As Double
                                   'Get the sales tax
                                   If order.ShippingDetails.SalesTax.SalesTaxAmount Is Nothing Then
                                        salesTax = 0.0
                                        salesTax = order.ShippingDetails.SalesTax.SalesTaxAmount.Value
                                   End If

                                   Console.WriteLine("Sales Tax: " & salesTax)

                                   If order.BuyerCheckoutMessage IsNot Nothing Then
                                        Console.WriteLine("Buyer Checkout Message: " + order.BuyerCheckoutMessage)

                                   End If
                              End If
                    End If
               End If

          End Sub
     End Class
End Namespace

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