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Published: April 28 2011, 4:55:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 9:23:42 PM

Can I manually mark an item shipped on MyeBay and expect LMS to not return that order on the subsequent SoldReport?

The concept of acknowledging an order on a SoldReport is unique in the eBay ecosystem to only Large Merchant Services.  What this means is marking an item as shipped manually in MyeBay, even if you add the shipment tracking number, will not result in the item being acknowledged by LMS.  Thus, the order will still show in subsequent SoldReports.  In the Large Merchant Services world, it is imperitive that ever order is properly acknowledged via an OrderAck job.  Else, orders will not be processed correctly.


As a best practice, always perform OrderAck jobs for all completed orders.

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