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Published: April 26 2011, 4:37:00 PMUpdated: September 10 2022, 12:25:56 AM

How do I manage my EPS image links? How do I remove images that I have uploaded that I don't want to use any more? If I have an image how do I know that it may or may not be on the EPS Server already?

If the uploaded images are not used in a listing within five days for Trading API calls and within ten days for Large Merchant Services calls then unassociated pictures are automatically deleted after that period. Also EPS images typically expire within 3 days of the item associated with the images having ended. There isn't a way to explicitly delete uploaded images.

There is no API call for finding the URL of an uploaded, unassociated picture, so be sure to save the returned URL value from the UploadSiteHostedPictures response.


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