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Published: January 20 2011, 5:14:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 9:10:04 PM

I am building a new Open eBay App. Can we get a keyset for sandbox and production?

You need generic keys in order to get keys for an Open eBay app. Make sure you have generated this generic set of keys by going to the My Account page.

After you have successfully submitted your embedded application (upload deployment descriptor) to the sandbox, you will receive a new set of application keys to use with your Open eBay application.


For your application to be functional, you should configure your application to make requests using this keyset.

The same process applies to production. Some things to note -

1. The AppID assigned will be the value in the id attribute of the OEApplication tag. Please note that after you submit a deployment descriptor, you can change many values you specified, but you cannot change the value originally specified in the id attribute.

2. The same AppID can be used in both the sandbox and production environments, but you cannot use the same AppID for multiple Open eBay apps. Keysets must not be shared between applications.

3. Your keyset for your Open eBay app is always distinct from your keyset for your Trading application.

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