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Published: January 20 2011, 3:14:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 9:09:49 PM

What is the difference between a order and an eBay order?

To answer this question, lets look at what the definition of each is:


What is in a order?

  • transaction number
  • date the order was placed
  • name(s) of the seller(s) from whom you purchased
  • item(s) you purchased and their price(s)
  • shipping method(s) and associated cost(s)
  • the address to which your order was shipped
  • credit card to which your order was billed

What is an eBay order?

If multiple, unpaid items exist between the same buyer and seller, that buyer or seller both have the option of combining those multiple items into one order. The benefits of a Combined Payment order is that only one payment is made for all items, and often, shipping and handling expenses can be reduced for the buyer and seller.

In a nutshell.....

All transactions in are considered an order.  In eBay, the combining of multiple items between the same seller and buyer is an order.

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