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Published: September 23 2010, 8:22:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 8:59:13 PM

Do I need to specify item Title for Cars & Trucks categories  listings?

Detailed Description 

  You do not need to specify Title in AddItem call for Cars & Trucks categories listings since the title is filled in automatically by eBay. However;  Subtitle attribute ( attribute ID 10246) is required for Cars & Trucks categories listings and should be defined in AddItem request as below:

      <AttributeSet attributeSetID="1137">

   <Attribute attributeID="10246">
            <ValueLiteral>Seller's personalized title </ValueLiteral>


 The content of the Subtitle attribute appears in View Item page as shown below:

 Item Subtitle :


Title in Item Specific area:




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