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Published: September 16 2010, 9:20:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 8:57:59 PM


   This sample illustrates the use of JAVA JAXB framework to bind to Merchant Data Schema and construct data file to be uploaded to Large Merchant Service. Running this sample project will generate an AddFixedPriceItems.xml document that can be used in LMS: Java Sample project.

 Detailed Description 


        1. JAXWS2.1.5 or higher
         - set the JWSDP_HOME system variable to point to your JAXWS2.1.5 installation directory.

        2. JDK 1.6 or higher  


       1. Download and unzip the attachched project file.

       2. Download the latest Merchant Data XSD file and save it to ${MerchantDataMarshalling_JAXB_HOME}/XSD folder

       3. Execute the jaxb-codeGen.xml script and generate java classes represent the Marchant Data Schema saved in step 2
           > ant -f  ${MerchantDataMarshalling_JAXB_HOME}/jaxb-codeGen.xml
       4. Build and run the AddFixedPriceItemsXMLBuilder sample to create a data file for AddFixedPriceItemRequest
          > ant -f ${MerchantDataMarshalling_JAXB_HOME}/samples/AddFixedPriceItemsXMLBuilder/build.xml 

Version Info 

The example was based on the version specified below:

Merchant Data XSD Version 825


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