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Published: August 17 2010, 10:42:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 8:41:51 PM

The RelistFixedPriceItem call can be used to to relist fixed-price item that has ended. It is recommended to use this call instead of creating a new listing using the AddFixedPriceItem call to take advantage of the recent sales score associated with the listing.

Here is a Java RelistFixedPriceItem sample for re-listing an item as-is. This sample has been written using the Java SDK v673

Below is the code. Corresponding SOAP request is attached with this article.

/*  © 2010-2012 eBay Inc., All Rights Reserved */
/* Licensed under CDDL 1.0 - */

package com.ebay.sample;

import com.ebay.sdk.ApiContext;
import com.ebay.sdk.ApiCredential;
import com.ebay.sdk.ApiException;
import com.ebay.sdk.SdkException;
import com.ebay.soap.eBLBaseComponents.InventoryTrackingMethodCodeType;
import com.ebay.soap.eBLBaseComponents.ItemType;
import com.ebay.soap.eBLBaseComponents.SiteCodeType;
* Sample code to relist an item (without any modifications) using the RelistFixedPriceItem call
* 1. Create an ApiContext Object
* 2. Set the auth token and target api url (Webservice endpoint)
* 3. Create a RelistFixedPriceItemCall object.
* 4. Create an item object and set the SKU for the item whose field(s) is/are to added/modified.
* 5. Set the InventoryTrackingMethod in the item object and set it to the ReviseFixedPriceItemCall object.
* 6. Execute the API call ReviseFixedPriceItemCall#reviseFixedPriceItem() to revise the listing
public class RelistFPItemBasicSample {
     public static void relistFixedPriceItem(){
          ApiContext apiContext = new ApiContext();
          // set API Token to access eBay API Server
          ApiCredential cred = apiContext.getApiCredential();
          apiContext.setApiServerUrl("");// Pointing to sandbox for testing.
          apiContext.getApiLogging().setLogSOAPMessages(true);// This will log SOAP requests and responses
          apiContext.setSite(SiteCodeType.UK); // Set site to UK
          RelistFixedPriceItemCall relistCall = new RelistFixedPriceItemCall(

          ItemType item = new ItemType();


          try {
               System.out.println("The sku : " + item.getSKU()
                         + " is relisted with new ItemID : "
                         + relistCall.getReturnedItemID());
          } catch (ApiException e) {
          } catch (SdkException e) {
          } catch (Exception e) {


     public static void main(String[] args) {



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