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Published: December 04 2014, 5:10:00 AMUpdated: November 28 2020, 1:51:59 PM

Here is a list of KB articles that you can refer when developing a Trading API application for UK merchants. 


1.   Basic listing sample
2.   Listing with Item Specifics
3.   Listing multi-variation items
4a. Listing using product identifier
4b. Listing using ePID
5.   Revising Listing - price and/or quantity
6.   Revising Listing - Basic
7.   Revising Listing - Item's specifics
8.   Revising Listing - Remove Subtitle
9.   Revising multi-variation item (Add and remove variations) 
10.   End Listing
11.   Relisting Item - Basic 
12.   Relisting item - Delete SubTitle and update Title
13.   Relisting item (Adding and Deleting Variation) 


1.   Retrieving Sales Orders
2.   Providing Shipment Information 

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