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Published: March 11 2014, 3:03:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 8:19:07 PM

I would like to offer buyer's shipping discount when they puchase more than one item from me. Is that possible?

Yes that is possible. Shipping discounts let you offer buyers savings on shipping when they purchase multiple items from you. When buyers pay for more than one item and your shipping discounts are set up and activated, eBay will automatically calculate the shipping discount and deduct it from the total shipping cost. The shipping discount will be shown to your buyers when they complete payment.

Any pre-requisites to offer shipping discounts?

To offer shipping discounts, you must offer combined payments. 

To enable Combined Payments go to
My eBay -> Account -> Site Preferences -> Shipping Preferences. Click the Show link to the right of the Shipping Preferences section. Click the first Edit link. Under Combined Payments, check 'Allow buyers to send one combined payment for all items purchased' and hit Save.

What kinds of Shipping discounts can I offer?

You can specify the following for shipping discounts on combined purchases:

Flat shipping rules
Calculated shipping rules
Promotional shipping rules

You can set your shipping discounts in My eBay Preferences or via the API. If you want to expand a rule to fit your needs better, you can create profile names. Profile names are a way for you to manage your shipping discount rules. ShippingDiscountProfiles can also be set up via My eBay or the SetShippingDiscountProfile API call.  GetShippingDiscountProfile can be used to retrieve the ShippingDiscountProfile details.

I have set up Shipping Discount profiles, what do I need to do to apply those to my listings?

To offer the ShippingDiscount on an item you only need to specify the ShippingDiscountProfileID in your listing request. For domestic shipping this would be the ShippingDiscountProfileID, whereas for international shipping the tag would be InternationalShippingDiscountProfileID.

If you want to offer PromotionalShippingDiscount then you will need to send in PromotionalShippingDiscount if you want to offer the promotion domestically and InternationalPromotionalShippingDiscount if you want to offer it internationally.

Below is a snippet from a listing request for better understanding. The seller wants to offer flat shipping discount for both domestic and international shipping as defined in his ShippingDiscountProfileID 7202000. He also wants to offer promotional shipping discount for domestic shipping.

<ShippingServiceCost currencyID='USD'>3</ShippingServiceCost>
<ShippingSurcharge currencyID='USD'>-1</ShippingSurcharge>
<ShippingServiceCost currencyID='USD'>3</ShippingServiceCost>


Any restrictions on combining the various discounts?

If a listing offers flat rate shipping services, the seller can assign, at most, one flat rate shipping cost discount profile. Similarly, a seller can assign one calculated shipping cost discount profile to a listing that offers calculate shipping. Regardless of whether any flat rate or calculated shipping cost discount profile has been assigned to the listing, the seller can apply the promotional shipping cost discount, if such has been defined.

Promotional shipping rules apply to all listings that have combined shipping discounts (for both flat and calculated shipping costs). When buyers qualify for your promotional shipping rule, the promotion takes priority over existing flat and calculated shipping rules.

Addtional Reference -

Docs reference:  Other Shipping Features

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