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Published: March 10 2010, 6:28:00 AMUpdated: November 28 2020, 8:16:36 PM

eCheck takes up to 7-9 working days to get cleared. It is not practical to wait for so long while testing eBay applications at development stage in Sandbox. Is there a way to clear or fail an eCheck?


While testing applications in eBay Sandbox, you may find the need to change the status of eCheck payments to speed up your testing process. It is possible to change eCheck status manually in PayPal Sandbox. Here's the solution:

In PayPal sandbox, when buyers use eChecks to transfer funds or send payments, the transaction appears as pending until you manually clear or fail it. Instructions for manually clearing or failing Test eCheck Transactions is available here in the PayPal Sandbox User Guide: 

Please see the section titled "Clearing or Failing Test eCheck Transactions".

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