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Published: March 04 2010, 10:10:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 8:14:03 PM

I have bought something from the sandbox and successfully completed the checkout process using the PayPal Sandbox. When I use the GetSellerTransactions call, I find that the status of the transaction is:

Why doesn't the payment status change from "PayPalPaymentInProcess" to "NoPaymentFailure"?


The solution is to specify a valid Sandbox PayPal account in the <PayPalEmailAddress> field when listing the item.

At the time of listing a sandbox item, the <PayPalEmailAddress> specified by you could be invalid. When the buyer purchases such an item, that payment would be sent to this non-existent address. Since the specified email address is not attached to a real PayPal Sandbox account, you will see the <eBayPaymentStatus> as "PayPalPaymentInProcess" and this value will not change.

Additional Resources

Please see this knowledge base article for steps to create PayPal Sandbox accounts:

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