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Published: February 01 2010, 12:38:00 PMUpdated: November 28 2020, 8:10:28 PM

I have not made any changes to my code, but my calls failing now with 500 internal error from eBay.  Why is this happening?

Optional CONTENT-TYPE Header Must Have Correct Value

Previously, eBay Services did not validate the CONTEXT-TYPE header. As of January 15, 2010, eBay's systems now validate CONTENT-TYPE more strictly. This means if your CONTENT-TYPE doesn't match your call payload's format, your call may fail. However, the CONTENT-TYPE is optional, so you can work around this issue by deleting it from your SOA headers.

If you include the CONTENT-TYPE header, it must have the correct value (see options below):

        Header: CONTENT-TYPE
        (Use only one of the following):
        Payload Type: XML                     Value:  text/xml
        Payload Type: SOAP12                  Value:  application/soap+xml
        Payload Type: SOAP11                  Value:  text/xml (in conjection with SOAPAction header you are sending
                                                     - SOAPAction value can be anything)

See Making An API Call for more information about the call format for the File Transfer Service.

File Transfer Service Release Notes:

Bulk Data Exchange Release Notes:

LMS Making a Call doc:

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